Data platform, Slemma, launches out of Sherman Oaks

Written by Patrick Hechinger
Published on May. 12, 2015
Data platform, Slemma, launches out of Sherman Oaks


A new data visualization tool has entered the LA market. Slemma, launched out of Sherman Oaks this morning, considers itself the all encompassing data comparison platform that business leaders have been waiting for.

Slemma is equipped with fully customizable dashboards and can pull data from Oracle, IBM DB2, Dropbox, Google Drive, and MS SSAS. With real time updates and various privacy settings, the platform can keep core team members up-to-date with their company’s aggregated data.

The platform currently has three different tiers: a Freemium level, a paid level for small businesses, and an enterprise level for large companies. Aleksey Yudin, Slemma’s CEO and Founder, said the paid model has gained popularity with developers who need to visualize data for various clients.

“In today’s business world, data is king, whether you run a small business or a large corporation,” Aleksey Yudin, Slemma’s CEO and Founder, said. “Most businesses are running so many independent programs and platforms to track their data and numbers, but when viewed individually or on spreadsheets alone, none of it is truly measurable or actionable.”

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