20 LA Creative Agencies You Should Know

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Oct. 27, 2023
20 LA Creative Agencies You Should Know

In the City of Angels, it takes a lot of creativity to dream big and earn your spot amongst the stars. After all, Los Angeles is the heart of the entertainment industry, boasting some of the world’s most talented artists. While creativity is most closely associated with film and music, there’s a need for artistry in nearly every aspect of life, whether it involves producing a live-action film or selling a new fruit juice.

Top Creative Agencies in Los Angeles

  • Darkroom
  • Hawke Media
  • Blend
  • Bold+Beyond
  • ELA Advertising
  • Hammer Creative
  • HAUS
  • Ralph
  • Super Cool Creative Agency

For businesses that may be struggling to convey their stories to consumers, there are plenty of creative agencies out there that will bring brands to life. From producing TV commercials to managing social media, these creative agencies in Los Angeles know what it takes to keep up in the advertising world — and they’ve got the world-class clientele to prove it.


Focus: Corporate Innovation

What they do: Venture studio Cie collaborates with businesses and their leadership to identify opportunities for building new products and solutions. For example, Cie worked with Petco to create a mobile app shoppers could use to subscribe to repeatedly purchase their favorite products. Cie also partners with entrepreneurs on establishing brand new ventures.


Focus: Finance, Health & Wellness, Media, Fashion, Travel

What they do: Hawke Media is a full-service digital marketing agency helping to implement creative ideas into a client’s marketing strategy. Hawke specializes in creative branding, content, web design and photo & video production that helps to tell a client’s unique story in an inspiring and informative manner.


Focus: Direct-to-Consumer, Apparel & Fashion, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness

What they do: Darkroom is a vertically integrated digital marketing agency specializing in four major disciplines: brand and identity, digital products, creative production and growth marketing. The agency works hand-in-hand with its clients to develop strategic brand positioning, contemporary assets and digital ads that help to boost customer engagement and drive more sales.


Focus: Automotive, Food + Beverage, Media + Entertainment, Telecommunications, Retail

What they do: Blend is a boutique creative production company, which develops, writes and edits branded content. The company is project-based and serves as both agency and production company, focusing on deep strategic insights that are designed to deliver results and build brand equity. 


Focus: Health + Beauty, Media + Entertainment, Retail, Food + Beverage, Banking + Finance

What they do: Bold+Beyond is a consulting and creative agency that works with a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 Companies to start-ups. In addition to offering consultation services, the company provides creative solutions as well, such as user interface design, digital commerce and social media management. 


Focus: Veterinary Medicine, Media + Entertainment, Food + Beverage, Air Transportation, Retail

What they do: Dreamentia Creative Laboratories is an advertising agency that focuses on strategic advertising, marketing and branding. Besides brand development, the company offers website design, graphic design, social media management, packaging design and more. 


Focus: Non-profits, Entertainment, Social Media, Food + Beverage, Artificial Intelligence

What they do: ELA Advertising is a global creative ad agency that aims to work with brands to build up their personas and discover their purpose. Their services include production, strategy and planning, experiential, influencer marketing, social media and more. 


Focus: Film production companies

What they do: Evolver Creative is a production company and creative agency that works with clients on advertising campaigns and content development. The company assists clients with the entire production process, from scripts and pitches to features and music videos. 


Focus: Gaming, Entertainment Networks

What they do: Eyestorm Creative is a creative advertising agency that specializes in building brand awareness, acquiring new users and fostering engagement. The company’s services include creating global campaign assets like live-action, cinemagraphs, computer graphics, experiential and app store videos. 


Focus: Music, Entertainment + Media, Sport + Fitness, Retail, Gaming

What they do: FastRock is a creative agency that specializes in advertising and content strategy. Besides providing typical advertising services, such as social media, web design and media packs, the company also offers bespoke presentation decks, which includes pitches, product launches and concept visualization. 


Focus: Luxury Residential Properties, Cannabis, Creative Campuses

What they do: Flux Branding is a creative branding studio that prepares its clients for change and exponential growth. The company focuses on discovery, positioning, identity and campaigns, which includes market research, audience persona, merchandising, behavioral targeting and more. 


Focus: Gaming Systems, Food + Beverage, Toy Companies

What they do: Originally a movie trailer house, Hammer Creative is an independent creative agency and production studio. Their services include strategy, creative development, production, design, animation and post-production work. 


Focus: Retail, Entertainment, Social Media, Transportation Tech, Automotive, News Media, Food

What they do: Established in 2007, HAUS is a full-service creative and technology partner, which specializes in brand development. Throughout the branding process, the company focuses on brand identity, motion design, full-stack development, 2D /3D animation and more. 


Focus: Broadcasting Corporations, Networks, Film Production Companies, Subscription Video Services

What they do: Ignition is a creative advertising agency that works with its clients in the strategy, creative, technology and social media sectors. The company’s services include behavioral insights, competitive research, live-action production, front-end web development and channel optimization. 


Focus: Automotive, IT, Telecommunications, Media, Finances, Retail

What they do: Initially established in Munich, Germany, Opus Creative Group works with both national and international clients on nurturing their brands. The company focuses on brand consulting and digital branding as a means of preparing clients for digital transformation. 



Focus: Subscription Video Services, Film Production Companies

What they do: Paradise Creative is a creative advertising agency that works with clients within the entertainment industry. Their services include theatrical trailers, broadcast TV commercials, sizzle reels, social media and home entertainment spots for entertainment properties, as well as in-house produced live-action work. 


Focus: Film Production Companies, TV Networks, Subscription Video Services

What they do: Ralph is a creative agency that works primarily with its clients on innovative promotional content and social media management. The company creates uniquely customized online social campaigns, including teaser trailers and TV commercials. 


Focus: Food + Beverage, Retail, E-commerce Companies, Tourism, Property Development

What they do: Established in 2014, Rival Creative is a creative advertising agency that focuses on branding. Their services include light motion design, brand strategy, brand ecosystems, customer journeys, experimental design, organic SEO and 3D character modeling. 


Focus: Automotive, Broadcasting Corporations, Film Production Companies

What they do: Signature Creative Studio is a creative agency that works on promotional content for its clients. Their services include digital marketing, UX design, product development, brand strategy and emerging technology. 


Focus: Healthcare, CBD, Pet Products, Video Gaming, Cosmetics, Telecommunications

What they do: Supercool Creative Agency is a creative advertising agency that works with its clients throughout the creative and production phases. The company assists with developing brand voice, writing scripts and casting talent as well as shooting and editing video content. 

Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story. This article was originally published in 2019.

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