11 Downtown Los Angeles Companies You Should Know

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on May. 13, 2024
11 Downtown Los Angeles Companies You Should Know

Los Angeles is huge, we all know this. With over eighty cities in the county alone, the greater Los Angeles area is no doubt impressive. Though tech companies and startups continue to spread and operate beyond the county limits, we're focusing on the companies in the heart of Los Angeles. We’ve compiled several companies in downtown Los Angeles that are worth keeping in mind.

Top Companies in Downtown LA

  • ClubLabs
  • Evite
  • Collab
  • Joymode
  • Nestigator
  • Oblong Industries


Industry: E-commerce, Fashion

What they do: Consumers around the world flock to SHEIN’s online platform to buy fashion and lifestyle products. The company says it relies on an “on-demand business model,” which involves testing merchandise in small batch releases and then restocking items based on customer demand to ensure it’s meeting shoppers’ needs while avoiding overproduction.


Industry: Corporate innovation

What they do: Cie brings together experts in areas like technology and product development to bring new business opportunities to market by identifying challenges and developing innovative strategies to overcome them. It collaborates with corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists through its venture studio to build brands like the mobile gaming venture Cie Games, which caught the attention of Glu Mobile, resulting in a $100 million acquisition.


Industry: Digital media

What they do: Collab provides studio space for creators and brands to craft creative content. Their original content is featured on digital platforms, television and in films, reaching a network of over 650 million people around the world.  


Industry: Automotive, Insurance, Travel

What they do: ClubLabs is the innovation department for for the travel group AAA. The Los Angeles-based lab identifies AAA member’s needs and develops solutions by introducing new, innovative technologies.


Industry: Software

What they do: NationBuilder provides an all-in-one platform for nonprofits, political campaigns, organizations and businesses. Their software enables their customers around the world to manage people, email communications, website content and social insights.


Industry: E-commerce, events

What they do: Evite is a digital celebration service that offers invitations, cards and party ideas for nearly every occasion. The platform enables users to create online invitations with helpful extras like registry and RSVP tracking.


Industry: VC

What they do: Greycroft is a venture capital firm investing in companies around the world. Funding entrepreneurs in multiple industries, their portfolio includes Acorns, theSkimm, Boxed, Elite Daily, Venmo and many more.


Industry: Sharing economy

What they do: Joymode enables people to enjoy more activities without having to own equipment and products. The service provides everything from complete camping gear sets to jumbo Jenga games, cutting down on waste, increasing storage space and eliminating unnecessary purchases.


Industry: Real estate

What they do: Nestigator helps users find neighborhoods, homes and real estate agents that best match their needs and lifestyles. Nestigator displays more than three million homes for sale and is constantly gathering data to match users with the perfect place.


Industry: Software

What they do: Oblong Industries is all about providing the best human-computer interfaces. Their main technology enables applications to be used across multiple screens and devices. Once a sci-fi concept developed for movies like "Minority Report" and "Iron Man", Oblong has since taken those ideas and made them a reality for companies like IBM and Boeing.


Industry: IoT,  consumer web

What they do: PetNet creates smart products and services for pets. Their products include a pet-feeding device and smart bowl, enabling users to schedule meals while knowing how much food is in their pet’s bowl at any given time.

This article was originally published in 2018. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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