50 LA tech CEOs, founders, executives, hackers, & investors you must follow on Twitter

Written by Garrett Reim
Published on Jan. 22, 2015
50 LA tech CEOs, founders, executives, hackers, & investors you must follow on Twitter

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Mike Jones

Follow @mjones //

Science Inc. & Myspace

CEO & co-founder

Startup studio & social network

Twitter profile:

CEO Science, Former CEO Myspace, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur, Former CEO Userplane, Tsavo Media

Handcrafted in LA — Design, Disruption, and Science — Medium https://t.co/yFfSALbeUH via @delicious

— Michael Jones (@mjones) November 11, 2014


Cameron Kashani

Follow @CamSKashani

Coloft & Startup Weekend

Founder & facilitator


Twitter profile:

Mom. Entrepreneur. Community builder. Advisor... Helping passionate entrepreneurs. Facilitator @startupweekend. Previous: cofounded @coloft.

If you're a senior mobile dev in #LA looking for an awesome gig with a cool funded #startup, hit me up. #siliconbeach

— Cameron Kashani (@CamSKashani) December 30, 2014


Sophia Amoruso

Follow @sophia_amoruso

Nasty Gal

Founder & executive chairman

Online fashion retail

Twitter profile:

Founder & Executive Chairman @NastyGal. Bestselling Author of #GIRLBOSS.


Mentorship is a word we use more each day at Nasty Gal. "As long as you live, keep learn... http://t.co/xk8bReXzBo pic.twitter.com/cEDnShmEY9

— SOPHIA AMORUSO (@Sophia_Amoruso) January 12, 2015

Alex Capecelatro

Follow @AlexCapecelatro //


CEO & founder

Travel discovery app

Twitter profile:

founder/ CEO of Yeti


Lessons Learned in App Design https://t.co/FkXssdjXbT

— Alex Capecelatro (@AlexCapecelatro) December 10, 2014


Bill Gross

Follow @Bill_Gross //


CEO & founder


Twitter profile:

Founder of Technology Incubator Idealab and 100 companies in last 30 years. Tweeting while on my quest for learning in life and at conferences.

"Last year there were 1.5 billion smartphones sold. That's more than all the PC's EVER!" Albert Wenger at #DLD15

— Bill Gross (@Bill_Gross) January 19, 2015


Sarah Ullman

Follow @thesillysully //

Maker Studios (formerly)

YouTube consultant

YouTube MCNs

Twitter profile:

"Somewhat silly, very Sully. writer of The Jungle & show-and-tell expert / formerly @makerstudios @paramountpics"


The Jungle: 2015 Predictions for the @YouTube Ecosystem - http://t.co/Gwu9k7KhqZ

— Sully (@thesillysully) January 10, 2015




Frank Addante

Follow @frankaddante //

The Rubicon Project

CEO & co-founder

Advertising technology

Twitter profile:

CEO/Founder/Chief Product Architect of @RubiconProject, Columnist for @Inc, Author of http://FounderBlog.com : follow me for entrepreneurial...

"Work-life balance is a myth. It’s one entity. More like work-life integration. Focus needs to be on being happy w. your whole life." #SGFUS

— FrankAddante (@FrankAddante) November 13, 2014


Peter Diamandis

Follow @PeterDiamandis //

X Prize Foundation

CEO & chairman

Twitter profile:

@XPRIZE, @SingularityU, @PlanetaryRsrcs & Author of Abundance... Passionate about innovation and creating a world of Abundance. Investor in @Humin.


Kodak filed bankruptcy 3 months before Instagram was purchased by FB. Here’s how to be the next Instagram, not Kodak http://t.co/aoiHvJjGmJ

— Peter Diamandis (@PeterDiamandis) January 16, 2015



James Borow

Follow @JamesBorow


CEO & co-founder

Social & mobile ad technology

Twitter profile:

Co-Founder/CEO of @SHIFTplatform.


Some of the best ads on mobile imo... http://t.co/5FRio7TEaJ

— James Borow (@JamesBorow) January 5, 2015



Brock Pierce

Follow @brockpierce //




Twitter profile:

Investor in Blockchain enabling technology companies!


The Price of Bitcoin Doesn’t Matter Right Now https://t.co/9mVEwZxIcg

— Brock Pierce (@brockpierce) January 15, 2015



Tracy DiNunzio

Follow @TracyDiNunzio //

CEO & founder


Online fashion retail

Twitter profile: 

CEO & Founder @Tradesy | Collaborative consumer | Insomniac | Happy skeptic


Geek Out: A Case Study: @Tradesy and @Ansible http://t.co/J8dwnBeyzQ

— Tracy DiNunzio (@TracyDiNunzio) October 29, 2014



Ashton Kutcher

Follow @aplusk //

LA startups

Angel investor


Twitter profile:

I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me.


It's been a huge year for @Shyp! Congrats, I'm proud to work with this company. http://t.co/r1kAgeP2jC

— ashton kutcher (@aplusk) January 1, 2015



Greg Cohn

Follow @gregcohn //


CEO & co-founder

Anonymous phone app

Twitter profile:

Co-founder & CEO of @burner.


New blog post: “Burner is a Burner is a Burner — not!” https://t.co/h6Nk2p0Cnt @burner

— Greg Cohn (@gregcohn) January 16, 2015



Jason Calacanis

Follow @Jason //

CEO, founder & angel investor

Inside, TWIST, Endgadget

Media & investing

Twitter profile:

Angel investor (@uber + http://angel.co/jason  ) // Writer // Dad // Founder: @Engadget, @Inside.com, @LAUNCH & @twistartups

The Official Definitions of Seed, Series A, and Series B Rounds http://t.co/28sUaWZ3i6

— jason (@Jason) January 19, 2015


Jason Nazar

Follow @jasonnazar //

Docstoc & Startups Uncensored

CEO, co-founder, & organizer

Document sharing

Twitter profile:

Co-Founder, Docstoc (spare time writer for Forbes, WSJ, BI)


It’s easiest to find your 1st set of customers by providing a product for niche audience that’s underserved http://t.co/IHMbdeZGnK via @WSJ

— Jason Lawrence Nazar (@jasonnazar) November 13, 2014



Meredith Perry

Follow @meredithperry //


CEO & founder

Wireless charging

Twitter profile:

Founder @uBeam. Power-suckler on the teat of life. Uses a machete to cut through red tape.


Sometimes I sit in the office after everyone's left &stare @ the place in disbelief that we even have one.What a long strange trip it's been

— Meredith Perry (@meredithperry) December 6, 2014



Justin Choi

Follow @JustinCie //

Nativo & Cie Games

CEO & founder

Native advertising & mobile games

Twitter profile:

Founder and CEO: Nativo - Cofounder: Cie Games, Cie Digital Labs


Here's one way how publishers' needs around native is evolving. https://t.co/WaR0JMusCa

— Justin Choi (@JustinCie) January 12, 2015



John Tabis

Follow @johngtabis //

The Bouqs

CEO and founder

Online flowers

Twitter profile:

Founder & CEO @TheBouqs; love building great things; brand and consumer strategist; renaissance-y. http://Bouqs.com.

Want to attract and retain the best talent? I published a few tips via @Forbes. #recruiting #HR #startups http://t.co/2gvCboon1T

— John Tabis (@JohnGTabis) October 17, 2014



Paige Craig

Follow @paigecraig //

LA startups

Angel investor


Twitter profile:

adrenaline fueled angel investor, nomad, Marine...


Sweet idea for artists via Gigit... http://t.co/O4oJ0YOoo8

— paigecraig (@paigecraig) November 20, 2014



Amanda MacNaughton

Follow @amandamalia //

PromoJam (formerly)


Social media marketing

Twitter profile:

Co-Founder of @PromoJam Social Marketing Platform, travel, fashion, friends, fun in the sun, entertainment, culture, wine&dine, yes U should, life is good

What’s So Scary About Smart Girls? http://t.co/xpyLx9eeV4

— Amanda MacNaughton (@AmandaMalia) May 13, 2014



Justin Wu

Follow @hackapreneur //

Sidevision & StartEngine

Co-founder & growth hacker

Online video & accelerator

Twitter profile:

Co-founder @sidevisiontv. & #GrowthHacker for @startenginela. Help startups with growth & user acquisitions. Would love to talk about it.

Ecommerce site drops social sharing and saw 11% increase in conversions. #growthhacking #growth #marketing http://t.co/uISV9mUoUn

— Justin Wu (@hackapreneur) January 20, 2015


Mark Suster

Follow @msuster //

Upfront Ventures



Twitter profile:

2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to http://salesforce.com ). Now @UpfrontVC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs

— Mark Suster (@msuster) January 20, 2015


Gil Elbaz

Follow @gilelbaz //



Location data

Twitter profile:

Founder/CEO of Factual providing definitive, global data.

Proud of @factual's announcement today about new ad tools that help our partners put location data to use: http://t.co/OPEdZyGGjP

— Gil Elbaz (@gilelbaz) December 17, 2014


Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong

Follow @solvehealthcare //

NantHealth & NantMobile

CEO & founder

Healthcare & augemented reality

Twitter profile:

Chairman of the Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation, Institute for Advanced Health, Healthcare Transformation Institute, NantHealth & NantWorks

Learn how @solvehealthcare is bringing the impossible to life on 60 Minutes. http://t.co/nPtqUaYMct @drsanjaygupta @nanthealth @60Minutes

— Dr. Pat Soon-Shiong (@solvehealthcare) December 7, 2014



Peter Marx

Follow @pietromarx //

City of Los Angeles

Chief Innovation Officer

City government

Twitter profile:

My personal account. Views are my own. RTs are not endorsements. In addition, I hold the position of Chief Innovation & Technology Officer in the City of LA

LA #1 large digital city: "In the 21st century, digital must be the default for cities" @ericgarcetti http://t.co/eLCmLsry38 @LAMayorsOffice

— Peter Marx (@pietromarx) January 6, 2015



Richard Rosenblatt

Follow @demandrichard //

WhipClip & Demand Media

CEO & founder

TV clip sharing

Twitter profile:

Private and Public company internet entrepreneur and executive Let's talk business, social, and whatever is interesting at that moment

Twitter’s “while you were away” feature sums up a crucial dilemma - Is twitter changing that much? http://t.co/bqSYlq550d

— Richard Rosenblatt (@demandrichard) January 3, 2015



Richard Raddon

Follow @richraddon //


Co-CEO & co-founder

YouTube Video Rights

Twitter profile:

co-founder of @ZEFRinc + @MOVIECLIPS. love mixin it up with media, brands and tech on @YouTube. the future is upon us - great for fans - great for creators.

"Social can be an extraordinary vehicle for powering a brand’s business objectives." http://t.co/pITrXtM06m via @ZEFRInc #socialmedia

— Richard Raddon (@RichRaddon) January 12, 2015



Howard Marks

Follow @howardmarks //

Co-founder & angel investor

Activision & Startengine

Gaming & accelerator

Twitter profile:

Co-founder @Activision ($14B market cap) & @startenginela Investor in 60+ startups


A Proactive Approach to Addressing Unethical Behavior in the Workplace #startups #entrepreneur http://t.co/1lEWYc8Qt2

— Howard Marks (@howardmarks) January 20, 2015



Jerry Jao

Follow @jerryjao //

Retention Science

CEO & co-founder

Customer loyalty platform

Twitter profile:

ceo @retentionsci. 3 startups. world traveler (37 countries). optmistic. often laugh for no reason. random....

What I learned from @matt_hulett on how to hire right, grow the right team, and set a motivating culture for company http://t.co/xeVhatNuM8

— jerry jao (@jerryjao) January 13, 2015



Tara Roth

Follow @taranellroth //

Goldhirsh Foundation


Entrepreneurship non-profit

Twitter profile:

President @GoldhirshFdn @LA2050.


Think coding isn't girly? Let it go. Check out what @DisneyInteract and @codeorg did to introduce #coding to girls: http://t.co/qwJ025Oe2B

— Tara Roth (@taranellroth) November 25, 2014


Greg Bettinelli

Follow @gregbettinelli //

Upfront Ventures



Twitter profile:

Partner @UpfrontVC.... Co-founder MuckerLab. Former CMO @HauteLook (now @Nordstrom), @eBay, @StubHub + @LiveNation. #LongLA

A monumental #LongLA moment. SpaceX Raises $1 Billion In New Funding From Google And Fidelity http://t.co/aSm2xob2pE

— Greg Bettinelli (@gregbettinelli) January 20, 2015



Jon Zweig

Follow @bruinengineer //

Ad Colony

Founder & former CEO

Advertising technology

Twitter profile:

Founder of Inc 500 @AdColony


AdColony leads the world in eCPM for Mobile Ad Networks http://t.co/THGpTKtmu9

— AdColony Founder (@bruinengineer) October 31, 2014



Cody Simms

Follow @codysimms //


Managing director


Twitter profile:

Managing director @Techstars



Hear directly from all 10 CEOs of #DisneyAccelerator powered by @Techstars: http://t.co/b6DzksxnQg Congratulations to 10 great companies!

— Cody Simms (@codysimms) October 15, 2014



Bryce Maddock

Follow @brycemaddock //


CEO & founder

Outsourced customer support

Twitter profile:

Humble servant of today's coolest companies and most incredible people. @TaskUs


Wha wha WHAT?! % of entrepreneurs under 30 has dropped drastically in the past 15 years... http://t.co/qezlwzj8q1

— Bryce Maddock (@BryceMaddock) January 3, 2015



Jim Gilliam

Follow @jgilliam //


CEO & founder

Non-profit organization

Twitter profile:

@NationBuilder Founder and CEO


Just released: Your annual report, created with @NationBuilder. http://t.co/hc0qlG8ujo

— Jim Gilliam (@jgilliam) December 23, 2014



Michael Heyward

Follow @michaelheywire //


CEO & co-founder

Anonymous social network

Twitter profile:

Co-Founder/CEO @whisper


"I don't know what the key to success is, but i know the key to failure is trying to please everyone" http://t.co/QznRhvNoy2 (via @whisper)

— Michael Heyward (@michaelheywire) January 7, 2015



Yannis Yortsos

Follow @DeanYortsos //

Viterbi School of Engineering at USC



Twitter profile:

Lakers fan, soccer aficionado and player in a competitive over-50 league, & Dean of the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California.

Half of last year's Viterbi Startup Garage companies raised significant angel funding- like @TagglerHQ http://t.co/6V8xgE9PFG

— Yannis C. Yortsos (@DeanYortsos) October 16, 2014



George Strompolos

Follow @gstrompolos //


CEO & founder

YouTube MCN

Twitter profile:

CEO/Founder of Fullscreen. Formerly Google, YouTube, WIRED. I like curious people. Good friend IRL.

Why creative people say “No” http://t.co/0BdKYh1P50 via @kevin_ashton

— George Strompolos (@gstrompolos) January 3, 2015



Andrew Stalbow

Follow @stalbs //


CEO & co-founder

Mobile games

Twitter profile:

Co-founder & CEO @seriouslyhq, a mobile entertainment start-up based in Santa Monica & Helsinki. First game @bestfiends out now! 

I just published “Entertainment Brands of the Future will be Built on Mobile First.” https://t.co/AmwfgnUgGV

— Andrew Stalbow (@stalbs) August 12, 2014



Steve Beauregard

Follow @gocoinceo //


CEO & co-founder


Twitter profile:



Digital wallets are not the same as blockchain #bitcoin @PayPal reminds Oz gov't regulators cc: @GoCoin http://t.co/EjuiJYiwGA

— Steve Beauregard (@GoCoinCEO) January 14, 2015



Brian Robbins

Follow @brianrobbinstv



YouTube MCN

Twitter profile:

Prolific film and television director and producer. CEO at Awesomenesstv. Father of Miles and Justin...

There is never time. What's really standing between your hobby & your dream career http://t.co/fIJzbyFyl3 by @janeporter00 via @FastCompany

— Brian Robbins (@BrianRobbinsTV) January 17, 2015



Brian Mullins

Follow @mrlaserbeam //


CEO & founder

Virtual reality

Twitter profile:

Founder and CEO of DAQRI, where everyday I work alongside the most awesome team of people changing the way we interact with technology.

It's a huge day for @DAQRI as we launch an entirely new kind of Augmented Reality device, great coverage via @WSJ http://t.co/1MnBK65iEl

— Brian Mullins (@mrlaserbeam) September 5, 2014


Michael Slavin

Follow @privlo //


CEO & founder

Online home loans

Twitter profile:

CEO of Privlo - challenger of status quo, addicted to making markets and life more efficient. Privlo is accomplishing this for real estate finance. Follow us.

This is exactly why Privlo is in business. "Why Banks Can't Lend To Ben Bernanke" http://t.co/c5irZPtDAC via @forbes #homeloan #mortgage

— Michael Slavin (@Privlo) December 4, 2014


Jon Ferrara

Follow @Jon_Ferrara //


CEO & founder


Twitter profile:

Pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions, CEO - Nimble, Founder of GoldMine. Interests; #SocialSelling, Social Business, Customer Lifecycle, Acquisition...

4 Tips To Raise #Sales Networking Up A Notch In 2015 by @Nimble http://t.co/svE33R5phu

— Jon Ferrara (@Jon_Ferrara) January 19, 2015



Kevin Winston

Follow @kevinwinston //

Digital LA & Silicon Beach Fest

CEO & founder 

Tech community organizer

Twitter profile:

Founder / CEO of @DigitalLA; Creator of Silicon Beach Fest @SBFestLA #SBF. Formerly at MySpace, FOX, Sony, McKinsey. World Traveler. I create fun events.

If u call yourself a movie fan / aficionado interested in new experiences and haven't been to @RegalLALIVE to try 4DX, I doubt you.

— kevinwinston (@kevinwinston) November 9, 2014



Mike Stone

Follow @mixmakermike


CEO & co-founder

DIY consumer goods

Twitter profile:

Expert Trouble Maker


How MakersKit went from selling zero to 45,000 DIY kits in one year http://t.co/xqyaH2FOHZ via @BuiltInLA

— Mike Stone (@mixmakermike) July 3, 2014



Jill DaSilva

Follow @dasilva_jill //

General Assembly

UX Instructor


Twitter profile:

UXDI Instructor @GA; Sr. Mgr, UX and Design; Director of Product Development; Project Management; Creative Team...

So excited about flying @VirginAmerica again. Definitely a top user experiences. #UX pic.twitter.com/au0TXvzTbt

— Jill DaSilva (@dasilva_jill) November 11, 2014



Abhi Nemani

Follow @abhinemani //

City of Los Angeles

Chief data officer


Twitter profile:

chief data officer, city of los angeles. technological optimist and political philosophy nerd. writer, speaker, maker. fmr @codeforamerica, @google.

"Bad procurement policy is just one reason the United States has begun to lose its technological edge...." http://t.co/m99PFOL1g9

— abhi nemani (@abhinemani) January 18, 2015



Nanxi Liu

Follow @nanxi_liu //



TV displays for social media

Twitter profile:

CEO @Enplug. Founder @NanolyB. I'm here to build.


4 Ways to Attract and Retain World-Class Engineers (on a Startup Budget) http://t.co/xrZOax2yrO

— Nanxi Liu (@nanxi_liu) January 6, 2015



Jim Andelman

Follow @jimandelman //

Rincon Venture Partners

Managing partner & co-founder


Twitter profile:

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Rincon Venture Partners


"If overfunded, it's tempting to solve issues with money that should be solved w/ culture" says @hunterwalk . Or with hustle #postseedconf

— Jim Andelman (@jimandelman) December 2, 2014

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