Video Workflow Platform Raises $50M to Expand to Hollywood

by Tatum Hunter
November 25, 2019 jobs LA cofounders co-founders Emery Wells and John Traver

Twenty years ago, the advent of digital changed the way filmmakers work. 

Now, video review platform is positioning itself as the next wave of the future for filmmaking. The company announced Monday it raised $50 million in Series C funding to expand its reach — to Hollywood.

As up-and-coming workflow platforms like Hive streamline tasks for corporate types — and pull in funding in the process — is doing the same for video creatives. The platform integrates with top non-linear editing systems, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve Studio, so creators can edit and share video content with collaborators or clients. 

Next, the company will focus on bringing cloud-based workflows to the motion picture market. It will launch a Los Angeles location in 2020, according to a release, headed up by Panavision veteran and Light Iron creator Michael Cioni. 

Alongside the Los Angeles expansion, announced it will double the size of its product, design and engineering teams. There are currently 17 open New York City-based roles on the company’s website and two open Los Angeles-based roles. 

Even without film and television, has a sizable market to draw from. At the beginning of 2017, 63 percent of companies used video content in their marketing. Today, that number has leapt to 87 percent. A Facebook executive even predicted the social platform will transition to exclusively video content by 2021.

While outcomes like that remain to be seen, is, well, framing itself as the go-to solution for video content and the creators who make it happen. Its clients include big names including Disney, Snapchat, BBC, BuzzFeed, TED, Google, Fox Sports and VICE Media. Its total funding is $82.2 million.

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