Marketing Platform Panoramic Exits Stealth Mode with $35M Funding

September 12, 2019
Panoramic office
Panoramic via Twitter

Panoramic made a splash on Thursday by exiting stealth mode and announcing that it has raised $35 million in funding.

Panoramic has created a platform that allows enterprise-level businesses to analyze their marketing data using AI and automatic processes. Its various tools help businesses centralize their data, display data in helpful visualizations and help businesses make decisions based off of what the data means.

Finding and understanding marketing data is especially important for enterprise-level businesses and brands, which is probably why Panoramic works with well-known companies including Sweetgreen, Sony Pictures, BlumHouse Productions, Cha Cha Matcha and more.

Julie Rieger, former president and chief data strategist at 20th Century Fox described her experience using Panoramic in a statement:

“The Panoramic platform knew exactly what information my team and I needed even before we did. It literally found the needle in the haystack and brought it to our attention, enabling us to shift the labor of building reports to thinking through and solving our marketing problems before there were any negative impacts on our campaign performance.”

She continued, “We even attempted building our own solution in-house, but quickly realized we’d need an entire team to maintain a platform of this magnitude.”

With the $35 million in funding, Panoramic plans to grow in existing markets, strengthen its partnerships and build upon its AI and analytics solutions.

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