Embrace pockets $4.5M in funding to stop your mobile apps from freezing

by Brian Nordli
April 24, 2019
Embrace CEO Eric Futoran
Photo via Embrace

When it comes to using mobile apps, there may be nothing worse than opening your favorite game or video app only to be greeted by the loading spinner of doom.  

Sometimes the app loads, sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, it’s a bad look, and it can kill user engagement. But many such issues are never addressed, because people are more likely to stop using an app than to report performance problems.

That’s where Embrace comes in. The Los Angeles-based company provides a diagnosis platform for mobile apps aimed at helping developers create smoother app experiences. The company received a boost to those efforts on Wednesday, announcing that it has raised $4.5 million in a preemptive funding round.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, co-founder and CEO Eric Futoran said Embrace’s app is already producing promising results for its users by helping them discover and prioritize issues.

“The platform has proven to reduce churn, drive engagement and increase revenues, and we look forward to educating the ecosystem, improving every mobile app, and ultimately making our own experiences so much better,” he said.

Since launching in 2016, Embrace has become the diagnostic platform behind several popular apps like OKCupid, Home Depot, Headspace and GameTime, among others.

Its platform allows developers to track every single user session and see exactly when and where an issue occurs. It identifies abrupt closes, out of memory errors, freezes, user error and more. Developers can then replay the user experience and use those insights to recreate the error and design a fix.

The funding round will help the company continue to expand its platform and reach more customers. Pritzker Group Venture Capital led the round, along with participation from Greycroft and Vy Capital among others.

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