Where does tech talent want to move? LA ranks high in new ranking

by Patrick Hechinger
December 4, 2015

There's nothing like some good old fashioned city competition. 

Anthology, a Tinder-meets-LinkedIn service that anonymously matches job seekers with hiring companies, polled 15,000 tech employees in order to rank the most desirable cities to work in.

While San Francisco, Seattle, and New York took the top three spots, Los Angeles landed at number four followed by Boston, Austin, Portland, Chicago, and Denver. 

The good news? Among workers in San Francisco, New York and Seattle, Los Angeles ranked among their top three relocation destinations. New Yorkers, in particular, have the highest desire to move to LA at 10%. 

Meanwhile, LA tech talent is most open to relocating to San Francisco, New York and San Diego.

"LA appears to be an emerging location for tech workers," said Anthology CEO Tom Leung. "We've seen a gradual increase in people who are open to relocating to LA from the tech industry. It's not their first choice but is starting to be on the table for people who might have focused only on SF and NY in the past. This seems consistent with the sense that LA's own tech scene is starting to achieve a critical mass of tech employers."

The participants in the poll came from major tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple and others. More than two thirds of the responses listed one of the previously mentioned nine cities, solidifying a definitive list of the top tech cities in the U.S.

To see Anthology's report, click here

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