5 LA Kickstarter campaigns we'd love to see funded

by Patrick Hechinger
September 21, 2015

DOTT: The Smart Dog Tag

Haven't you always wanted a virtual leash? This smart dog tag uses crowdsourcing to track your lost dog through the DOTT mobile app. The dog owner receives geo-updates as the lost pup comes within proximity of another DOTT user. Don't own a dog? Put a DOTT in your cheating boyfriend's car and see where he goes every Tuesday at 10 p.m.

Backers: 300+
Funding: Almost $20,000
Campaign Deadline: October 1

CubeForme 3D Printing Subscription Box

Have a fascination for 3D printing? CubeForme is using the popular subscription-box business model to connect designers and fans. Each month, a featured designer creates a variety of unique products for CubeForme subscribers. After a few months, your wide variety of beautifully crafted desk trinkets will have your coworkers green with envy.

Backers: 40+
Funding: $1,500+
Campaign Deadline: October 29

Cargo Node Collapsable Bike

Looking to be more efficient with your bike rides? Tern and Xtracycle are collaborating to create the Cargo Node, a collapsable bike that allows you to pack on cargo or an extra passenger. The only inconvenient part of the Cargo Node is telling your date that you'll be picking them up on a bike.

Backers: 60+
Funding: $45,000+
Campaign Deadline: October 16

Wacky Chore Tracker

There are a couple apps on the market that allow parents and children to track their chores, but there is only one that is made by an actual child. 13 year-old Matthew has created Wacky, a rewards based chore tracker aimed at encouraging kids to do more than the bare minimum around the house. Note: this rewards system also works on lazy husbands but you'll have to be more creative with your "MagicLand."

Backers: 5+
Funding: $300+
Campaign Deadline: October 4

Fidus Store Cloud Based Security

If celebrity photo leaks have taught us anything it's that the cloud can be a dangerous place. Fidus Store is a new security software service that encrypts your content and data before it reaches the cloud, giving you the peace of mind that Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence never had. 

Backers: 70+
Funding: $15,000+
Campaign Deadline: October 8

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