Workpop raises $7.9M to build a better marketplace for hourly jobs

by Garrett Reim
September 16, 2014
Recruiters and employers spend billions of dollars per year searching out and hiring professionals. The cost is worth the productivity they gain from better employees. But while professionals are much sought after, hourly wageworkers are often expected to slog door-to-door because they have no better options. Newly funded Los Angeles-based startup Workpop doesn’t it see it that way. They have just launched an hourly job-listing site to improve the marketplace for hourly workers.
“There is a large portion of the workforce that is longing for an easier way to find a job. Workpop fills that void through better design, customized feedback for job seekers based on real data, and employer tools intended to streamline the hiring process,” said Reed Shaffner, co-CEO, in a statement.  “We are extremely excited to launch, as there is a huge market inefficiency for people in career fields that are largely overlooked by technology.”
Workpop functions like many other job marketplaces, except it focuses solely on hourly jobs. The company believes that by focusing on the often-neglected 76 million wageworkers in the United States they can tap into unrealized opportunity. 
“We want people to be able to get more out of the application process than silence,” said Chris Ovitz, co-CEO. “Job seekers spend valuable time applying for jobs via paper applications or online job boards and most of the time, they never hear back which prevents them from improving. Employers have limited options when searching for candidates, relying on minimal information and insight into applicants. We are here to change that.”
Workpop's job site allows job applicants to apply with resumes and also has a built in webcam feature that allows applicants to submit videos of themselves answering interview questions. So that applicants aren't discouraged by employer silence, the site provides feedback including data on skills they may need, the application pool and other jobs to consider. 
To achieve all of this, Workpop has secured $7.9 million in funding. $900,000 of the funding came in April in the form of seed funding. The company followed that quickly with a $7 million Series in August, led by Trinity Ventures. Trinity Ventures partner Dan Scholnick will join the board. Santa Monica-based HR-tech company Cornerstone OnDemand and Box CEO  Aaron Levie are also investors. Other investors include SV Angel, Evan Williams and Biz Stone's Obvious Ventures, Joe Lonsdale, Slow Ventures, David Tisch's Box Group, Ironfire Capital, Plus Capital, Jim Pallotta, Dennis Phelps and Michael Marchetti.
Workpop’s rapid fund raising indicates the startup and its investors think the hourly job market is a wide-open section of the economy, so capturing market share is critical at this stage. Not surprisingly, the company said it would use the funding for development and customer acquisition. 
Workpop is currently launched in Los Angeles only and has plans to launch to more cities in 2015. 
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