2014 is the year of online video, and Big Frame is booming because of it

by Jonathan El Kordi-Hubbard
March 10, 2014


The year of 2014 has been thought by many as the year of online video, when companies and brands are finally beginning to take notice of revenue opportunities online. As a result, the online video industry has boomed with companies like Big Frame that focus a large portion of business on specific online platforms such as YouTube. Big Frame, a YouTube-focused startup that looks to work with the largest YouTube channels online, has positioned itself well within the online video industry working with some of the biggest brands and YouTubers online.

While others in the space like Fullscreen and Machinima are aggregator businesses that look to represent out as much content as possible, Big Frame works with a more curated set of content creators to deliver a higher quality product for advertisers. Big Frame employs a hybrid model where managed channels in the MCN side of their business provide scale and assets to the owned channels they operate. The results are extremely low customer acquisition costs and industry best monetization economics.

Satisfied advertisers for Big Frame currently include Chevrolet, The Home Depot, Virgin, Levi's, FOX and more. Big Frame has gathered its YouTube talent into verticals such as Wonderly (innovative female creators), Polished (fashion-lifestyle) and Outlandish (LGBTQ vertical). CEO and co-founder Steve Raymond noted that "we have the fastest growing channel in YouTube in the young female fashion-lifestyle vertical."

Big Frame covers some of the largest YouTube channels online such as Tay Zonday, Mystery Guitar Man, Tyler Oakley, Laina (aka Overly Attached Girlfriend) and Ingrid Nielsen (Missglammorazzi). Big Frame's 400+ YouTube channels combine for 20 million subscribers and 8.4 million monthly unique visitors. Big Frame partners with these independent online video creators on YouTube to help them make more money by connecting them with brands to work with and spread their content. Big Frame's proprietary marketing platform, called ViewFinder, helps these YouTubers get introduced to an active, engaged and demographically-focused audience.

"We work with amazing talent to help create the next generation of media brands," Raymond said; the company ultimately looks to build sustainable media brands across YouTube's most influential channels.

In the short term, Big Frame believes that 2014 is the year of accelerated adoption of YouTube content by brand advertisers: "There is a demand to reach young customers through integrated marketing activities that we look to  fulfill."

With this strategy, Big Frame will create "next-generation transformational media brands similar to how cable TV launched MTV and ESPN," Raymond said.

Big Frame's 22-person team boasts a variety of skills and is comprised of sales people, engineers and a mix of marketing and content developers. With nearly 150 integrated brands, 400+ cross-genre channels, 50 percent returning advertisers and a killer social media following, Big Frame is ready to seize the world of online video and truly create the next generation of media brands.

“All startups are in a constant state of challenge and YouTube challenges have been well-documented, but we look to differentiate ourselves to reach our goals," he said.

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