Anderson Chen
Staff Writer at Built In

Anderson Chen is a Built In staff writer covering tech companies for Brand Studio. He has been working as a content writer and journalist since 2018. Chen has a degree in molecular environmental biology from the University of California-Berkeley as well as a master's degree in journalism from Columbia University. 

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stock photo of employees collaborating
Built In LA sat down with leaders at four LA tech companies to see the philosophy underpinning the culture of their engineering teams and the pride for their work.
product images of PGA' TOURs new digital experience
Ushering in the digital era for a legendary sport requires great care and aplomb. At Work & Co, that’s par for the course.
core digital media sign and logo
For one tech company in Los Angeles, the office is a community defined by its people, culture and values.
photo of a big sports stadium shot from the audience stands
At Boingo Wireless, new hires are supported from day one with a robust onboarding process.
Group of people handing doing volunteer work.
Boingo’s veteran employee resource group is dedicated to awareness and support.
Redgate room with a red couch and red picture of the company logo and a cityscape outline.
At Redgate Software — whether you’re a former fireman, teacher or juicer — the supportive foundation of continuous learning creates self-defined success for its sales teams.
illustration of two robotic arms painting on a canvas
The work of engineers and designers are intertwined. Successful tech companies know how to unite both teams towards a common goal.
logo of redgate on glass door with view of office
Software sales is a high wall to scale in an already crowded tech industry. Built In sat down with three sales reps at Redgate Software for their trials and tribulations getting there.
a group of people welcoming another person to an office, with two of them shaking hands
Investing in talent starts with establishing a good candidate experience.
zoom meeting of the artera team but coordinated by colors of red, blue and purple
In transforming itself — a new name, logo and hybrid working model — the Santa Barbara-based company is owning its role in the healthcare industry.
Illustration of a brain that is half circuit board on a navy blue background
Growing companies require a properly scaled CS team — human engagement with support from automated tools.
apply now graphics repeating in a pattern
With tech talent now prioritizing the hiring trifecta, companies are crafting personalized strategies to reflect these ideals.