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Manager Information Technology

| Marina Del Rey & Playa Vista
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Hyperloop Transportation Technologies 

The Situation: In a world of innovation pretenders, Hyperloop Transpiration Technologies is one of the true innovators.   
We are building test and demonstration facilities all around the world, revealing how to move people and freight at unheard of speeds, safely, efficiently and sustainably.  We are creating innovative technology and new uses of existing technology to support our entirely new philosophy of transportation.  And we are using the most forward-leaning IT technology and technical approaches available. 
You can help us use this IT philosophy deliver the most efficient and effective IT services possible. 
The Position: IT is the backbone that makes our worldwide collaboration, including crowdsourcing of ideas, solutions and people, possible.  This position will offer the successful candidate the opportunity to set new high-water marks for risk and vulnerability assessments, incidence response, compliance, data security (particularly for BYOD) and more.  
We offer the ideal candidate the opportunity to set the standard for the planning, purchasing, management and optimization of the use of licensed software and for hardware.   
The Ideal Candidate: We insist that every member of our team be knowledgeable and passionate about the HyperloopTT mission.  We are inventing and delivering the next generation of transportation and want our IT partners to have the passion to deliver an IT user experience that facilitates our reaching our goals.  Obviously, this commonly-held passion is one of the great attractions of being part of HyperloopTT. 
The Organization: In April 2018, HyperloopTT signed a historic agreement for the first commercial Hyperloop system with a developer in Abu Dhabi.  HyperloopTT has begun construction of the first full-scale passenger and freight prototype system in Toulouse, France.  On June 15, 2018, it was announced that HyperloopTT signed an agreement to build a planned commercial Hyperloop system in Ukraine. 
HyperloopTT is realizing the Hyperloop, a system that moves people and goods at unprecedented speeds safely, efficiently, and sustainably. Through the use of unique, patented technology and an advanced business model of lean collaboration, open innovation, and integrated partnership, HyperloopTT is creating and licensing technologies. 
The Opportunity: You can be an integral part of the greatest transportation transformation since the invention of the airplane.   
Compensation: HyperloopTT offers a lush blend of salary, benefits, stock options and professional satisfaction. 
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Apply on our site. https://grnh.se/a3ec8c2c1
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