Brigid Hogan
Staff Writer at Built In

Brigid Hogan is a staff writer at Built In. Hogan joined Built In after working in communications consulting, publishing operations and as a public high school teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, both from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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Credit Karma
Opportunities created new paths for Emily Childers to grow at Credit Karma, and she ‘followed interesting problems’ across departments to increase her impact. Built In learned more about where she’s been so far — and where she’s going next.
BCG X office space with glass walls into conference room where people are meeting
The newly rebranded BCG X unites the best of consulting and technology talent to support clients through digital transformation and into the next generation of tech possibilities. Built In learned more about the possibilities its leaders see ahead.
A group of Kensho employees work in their Cambridge, MA, headquarters
Kensho’s team shared an inside look at their work and culture as they build next-generation artificial intelligence business solutions for S&P Global and new partners worldwide.
Photo of open lobby at Anduril's headquarters
Anduril is well-known across Southern California as a fast-growing company with generous compensation — but the people-first culture and benefits are just as impressive.
Moov employees hold a flag with the company logo on top of a mountain.
“I will judge my success at Moov based on the experiences of my employees,” Co-founder and CEO Wade Arnold wrote. Three Moovers shared what that mission looks like in action.
Array of paper airplanes, one moving in a separate direction with a hand and a man both pointing to it.
Foursquare and City National are building workplace cultures that let employees operate in the ways that work best for them — and advancing their company missions at the same time.
Man riding a snail in front of a declining graph
Every sales rep has been there — bad luck, lost deals, a lack of confidence — but a sales slump doesn’t have to be an isolating experience.
Navigation route on a map
Product roadmaps are only useful if they’re guiding you to the right destination. Five LA product managers share how they keep everyone on track.
Illustration of a girl painting a smile face on a wall
Built In LA heard from two sales leaders about how they’re maintaining high retention and great employee experience on their teams.
Antique map and magnifying glass
Want your product roadmap to actually reflect client needs? Involve your customer success team.
Jetsons themed street art
Jobseekers don’t need an interplanetary search to find jobs powering the future — the opportunities are right here in LA.
Drawing of a horse's shadow facing a drawing of a zebra.
The numbers show that data science is one of the most desirable fields for today’s tech employees. We heard from data scientists across three industries why they love their jobs.