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Trucking Procurement Associate

Greater LA Area
1 day ago
 Flexport is looking for a skillful leader to join our Trucking Procurement team as the lead the West Coast region. The West Coast is home to the largest import and export markets in the US. This region is critical to Flexport’s success and we are looking for an experienced and passionate person to drive our procurement strategy there. This person will be tasked with building and maintaining strong relationships with our key trucking partners to ensure Flexport’s position as a leader in global trade.

IT Infrastructure Project Manager

Greater LA Area
2 days ago
As an IT Infrastructure Project Manager, you will manage and execute new site infrastructure and network-related deployments. You will have the opportunity to stand up new warehouses and field offices across the country and integrate cutting-edge technology.  You bring extensive project management experience opening new facilities and are comfortable working closely with network engineers and cross-functional teams. You are a strong communicator who enjoys collaborating directly with senior leadership and executive teams to solve complex technical problems. 

Trials - Program Director

Greater LA Area
1 week ago
Develop a detailed Program plan to monitor and track progress while measuring performance using appropriate tools and techniques. Oversee all aspects of programs; from setting deadlines, assigning responsibilities, and monitoring and summarizing progress. Delegate Program tasks based on junior staff members' individual strengths, skill sets, and experience levels. Receive reports from the various City Managers handling operations and consolidate reports per brand for C-level leadership, with direct reporting to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Work directly with client teams to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. A wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected.

Support Specialist

Culver City
1 week ago
As a Logistics Coordinator, you'll help guide customers and drivers through issues that arise while making sure that our system is dispatching optimally. You’ll build systems and structure to automate repetitive tasks and refine outbound messaging for optimal efficiency and delight.

Technical Project Manager

NEXT Trucking
Greater LA Area
1 week ago
As a Technical Project Manager at NEXT, you will work across product development to drive alignment between agile team backlogs, the strategic roadmap, and technical roadmap. Working with key stakeholders to identify and help clear dependencies that could cause project delays. You will also create and manage the tooling infrastructure to drive visibility and transparency into product development work while also eliminating friction for the product development teams. 

Agile Coach

Program Director

1 month ago
We are looking for an enthusiastic and well-organized Program Director to manage the success of all of our trial programs for the assigned brands across different cities we operate in. This hire will ensure coordination and completion of programs on time within budget and within scope by coordinating with all other departments involved in the clients' projects.

Project Mgmt salaries in Los Angeles

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Project Coordinator $55,372
Min: $20K
Max: $110K
Implementation Specialist $66,667
Min: $43K
Max: $100K
Implementation Manager $94,500
Min: $48K
Max: $178K
Project Manager $99,334
Min: $55K
Max: $200K
Scrum Master $111,273
Min: $88K
Max: $131K
Technical Project Manager $115,313
Min: $90K
Max: $135K
Senior Project Manager $135,160
Min: $90K
Max: $185K

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