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Altus is looking for a highly motivated and ambitious Health Manager to join the team of wellness experts. The health manager is the linchpin for the Altus member experience and coordination of their Wellness Plan. The health manager holds the staff of practitioners accountable in order to attain client goals and optimize their health and wellness. Delivering superior service through understanding the client and their health goals, records and wellness plan is the primary focus of the health manager. The health manager is the connection between all practitioners and the client, honing in on the client plan in order to bring the client to their optimal health.

Role Highlights

  • Deliver World Class service
  • Establish a lasting relationship between the client and Altus
  • Make members feel welcome and part of Altus
  • Develop a deep understanding of Altus members and their lifestyle 
  • Provide a safe place for clients to communicate and advance
  • Satisfy the unconscious and perceived needs of the client better than any other company
  • Be an ambassador for the company and brand
  • Create an exclusive and high-end experience for members and potential members

Qualities - The perfect Altus Health Manager:

  • Superior planning and ability to run prescribed plan
  • Quick learner 
  • An expert implementor of company vision and plans
  • Warm and optimistic
  • Balances accountability, support, and challenge
  • Is passionate about health and fitness and embodies the Altus ethos
  • Shines as a leader– both in action and through accountability
  • Able to have courageous conversations with clients and staff 
  • Is personable and has a dynamic personality that can adapt to the client needs
  • Is team-oriented and communicative
  • Has great attention to detail
  • Confident and makes the client feel well taken care of
  • Genuine and professional
  • Open minded and adapts well to change 


  • Complete Client Initial Intake and Assessment
  • Coordinate with the Health Management team to complete the Report of Findings
  • Ensures progress with the clients towards clients goals through monthly check-in communications
  • Holds team accountable to the prescribed wellness plan and established priority areas
  • Plan, monitor, and appraise results
  • Enforce standards of client care and documentation
  • Keep Staff informed on client needs, preferences, and progress
  • Monitor and observe client expectations
  • Is the point of contact for questions regarding Client wellness plans
  • Coach and inspire clients to health
  • Accomplish results through collaboration and team effort
  • Attend all office meetings
  • Write Reports
  • Nutrition plans: offer guidance based on the identified Altus plans, cleanses and nutritional guidelines. Utilize and select appropriate written protocols and programs within the health manager database for the client.
  • Client communication: provide any necessary information documents and further guidance on prescribed tracks. Coach and be a source of information for the client to ask questions regarding their Wellness Plan
  • Educate clients on the Altus tools and techniques under the Mindfulness pillar
  • Complete a weekly audit of client charts, plan progress and engagement. 
  • Maintain team collaboration. 


  • Organization and planning
  • Implementation of pre-written plans
  • Advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the human body
  • Can read research reports
  • Exceptional communication; written and verbal
  • Proficient in computer software and EMR
  • Proficient understanding of medical language and terminology
  • Time-efficiency
  • Customer service skills


  • Experience in health and wellness
  • Good understanding of nutrition or certification.
  • Nutrition certification or applicable knowledge in naturopathy or kinesiology
  • Degree in Nutrition, Wellness, Psychology or other health field preferred 
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