Summer Internship

| Venice

Yes, it's an “internship” but we prefer to call it a “Sprint” for two main reasons. First, the “interns” at our lean stage of growth are a massive part of the TruBrain collective talent pool and are much more critical to our success than traditional “interns”.

We are placing a large bet on the talent coming into bring us to the next major milestone of our growth to Series A. Second, “internship” doesn’t have any pacing modifiers attached to it. Everything will be at a frantic pace--everything we do is in “sprints” and your summer experience will be no different.

We have a great group coming in this season and we want you all to lead and execute things that meet your career/learning goals, stretch/challenge you and contribute to scrappy fast growth for the business.

There are projects in the following areas, all following the 500 Startups Distrofund system--

-Acquisition marketing

-Growth Experiments

-Retention Marketing

-Supply Chain

Previous interns have gone onto full time positions and had great success.

Here is more background on our program—

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