Fall Sprint Internship for New Product Launches

| Venice

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Yes, it's an “internship” but we prefer to call it a “Sprint” for two main reasons. First, the “interns” at our lean stage of growth are a massive part of the TruBrain collective talent pool and are much more critical to our success than traditional “interns”.

We are launching a 2 new category innovations in Q4, which should make for exciting times in pre product-market fit activities and scrappy launch items.  We run a modified version of the 500 Startups Offense; please skim through this video, as this is our growth process for pre- and post- market fit--

Previous interns have gone onto full time positions and had great success.

Where we need help

We strive to always make decisions guided by data, not assumptions. In this phase, we expect that you will consistently take a hypothesis based approach to solving problems - you will develop plans, methodologies, and deploy strategies to test out new marketing channels and ultimately turn them into consistent, reliable drivers of new customers and revenue. You will use your understanding of incrementality and a customer's total path to conversion to make data driven decisions that make significant impact on the growth of the overall business.

What does the role entail?

This role is focused on finding, analyzing, testing, and proving out new performance marketing channels for our new category innovations that can drive revenue for the business and match or beat our core LTV:CAC economics.  

  • Research and rank potential new marketing opportunities

  • Create a well defined plan for testing the most promising opportunities identified, complete with specific measurable goals

  • Deploy test campaigns, gather data, and optimize until each test is definitively proven as a winner or a loser

A successful player in this role will be capable of well articulated strategic planning, deep understanding of a customer’s path to purchase, and have a creative mindset.

What kind of player are we looking for?

  • An analytical mindset – You understand that testing every assumption is vital to success, but measuring correctly and interpreting the results is just as important.

  • Good communication skills – You are able to effectively communicate your performance, learnings, and ideas to people at every level of the organization.

  • Curiosity and willingness to try new things and never settle for the status quo.

Example Channels

  • Reviewers (non-scalable, frenetic effort), Affiliates, Pinterest, Retail, Institutional Sports, International retail, Partnerships, etc

  • Community building - AMAs on Reddit/Telegram, Product Hunt, Earned Media, and more.

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