UI/UX Developer

| Santa Monica

Popdog is a technology and services company focused on fixing core problems in the esports and live streaming industry. That means we're building tools meant to power the future of the space, and we're eager to find talented folks (like you!) to join us on this journey.

We've assembled a team of industry leaders, like Loaded, Noscope, and Catalyst Esports, to come together like never before to develop better ways to monetize and stabilize the industries we love. Many of our team were formative to the rise of esports and gaming, and now we're taking all that knowledge and experience to build things that can ensure a future for it.

Popdog is the brainchild of a team who've poured decades of blood, sweat, and tears into ensuring video games are a real future for people around the globe. We work with every game publisher you can think of and brands like ADIDAS, Red Bull, HBO. If you want to be part of an imaginative, data-driven, and self-aware team who are creating things we've never seen, we are your future.

Who you are

  • You're able to rave/rant for hours about what - in your opinion - makes for a good/bad user experience.
  • You have an extremely high standard for polish and fit-and-finish when it comes to web interfaces and take pride in what you produce.
  • You've always felt more at home working alongside the Product team, helping to guide product, then you have with a traditional Engineering team.
  • You thrive at rapid development and love seeing a product come together quickly.
  • You enjoy being a guiding force for the direction of product and enjoy working with others to find solutions to difficult problems.
  • You follow UX and UI trends, because you enjoy it.
  • You are someone who greatly values user feedback and critiques.
  • You are data driven and believe that Design and UX decisions should be made for reasons that you can ideally justify with data.
  • You prefer working in a startup environment.


What you'll do

  • Work closely with UI/UX Designers and Product Managers to turn your team's vision into a working and polished prototype.
  • Participate and feel comfortable leading feature and solution brainstorming sessions with your team.
  • Reference user feedback and analytics (internal and external) to guide UX decisions.
  • Constantly build and look to build productive efficiencies into the codebase.
  • Be a resource for communicating product and UX requirements to the Engineering Team.


  • The ability to rapidly write strong HTML, Javascript and SCSS.
  • Extensive frontend framework experience (ideally Vue, Angular 1.X, or similar)
  • Experience building web-based products
  • Strong communication skills within an intimate team.
  • A pragmatic design philosophy
  • Hyper-sensitivity to composition and spacing
  • Not being completely lost in Photoshop/Illustrator/Sketch
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