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Security Engineer

| Greater LA Area

If a game's never just a game to you, you love pushing the limits of what's technically possible, and you also believe that doing the right thing often requires disregarding the rules and upending the status quo, then we'd love to talk to you! We're looking for talented, like-minded engineers to join us and help shape the future of gaming.

Riot engineers bring expert-level knowledge of specific technical areas and a broad knowledge across a wide range of domains. We value people who aren't constrained to particular technologies and are eager to learn new things to overcome anything that stands in the way of delivering value to players. We intentionally don't post hundreds of engineering job openings on our website, with specific technical requirements for each, because we believe that engineers don't follow narrow archetypes. We want Security Engineers who can make a big impact, not only through engineering prowess but also by socialising security throughout Riot. Security is simply too big a challenge for one group to fix and so Riot Security Engineers are evangelists to level-up every Rioter's sense of security responsibility.

We work in virtually every technical domain imaginable. As a security engineer at Riot, you will:

  • Work on a diverse, cross-functional team that is protecting players and Rioters alike, socialising security within Riot and driving a secure player experience in League of Legends and future games
  • Develop and enforce security policies and standards to make it easier for Rioters to build security into their work
  • Tear apart mission-critical programs and work with engineers to create security fixes and perform autopsies to evaluate security snafus
  • Deploy and manage security infrastructure including IDS, vulnerability detection, SIEM and other technologies
  • Stay aware of new security threats, quickly discern their nefarious implications, and suggest solutions to quash emergent issues or fortify against future problems
  • Test the security strength of applications (e.g. Tribunal, Forums, Login) that players depend on every day
  • Work across a variety of different teams to shore up security on every beachhead, assess application vulnerability, and conduct security reviews

While our engineers come in all shapes and sizes and work with many technologies, we expect every engineer at Riot to be:

  • Player-focused: you're a gamer whose passion for games (especially League of Legends) helps you stay focused on initiatives that make the difference to players in and out of the game
  • A threat to convention: bored by what's considered traditional, you constantly push past limits until the status is no longer quo; you don't "think outside the box" because, hey, there's no box
  • Focused on team: you find, shape, and cultivate teams that don't just swing for the fences, they jack that (metaphorical) baseball beyond the stars; you help Rioters develop the tools and creative atmosphere to shine, but ultimately hold them accountable for making smart calls and delivering capital-V value
  • Seriously playful: you work hard but always leave time for pentakills; whether you're grabbing a game of League in our onsite PC Bang or rapidly sharing cat GIFs, you make time for daily play in all of its wonderful forms
  • Humbitious: you're ambitious but humble, a state of being summed up by fans of portmanteau as "humbitious;" always shooting for the stars, you never forgo rounds of feedback from teammates, players, and partners who keep you from drifting off into space

We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a fun, well-written intro that shows us you take play seriously and what aspect of security you’d love to socialize in Riot. Apply below and don’t forget to include a resume and cover letter.

Additional insight into applying to Riot Engineering is available on our discipline page.

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