El Segundo, Santa Monica 8 courses

Thinkful is a career accelerator that helps people build high-growth careers in data science, web development, and design. Whereas traditional coding bootcamps teach these skills in a classroom, Thinkful students learn via 1-on-1 mentorship, affording them a more individualized learning experience and access to a growing local and national professional network. The result: A guaranteed job in tech or your tuition back.


Playa Vista 2 courses

Codesmith offers the leading 12-week specialized software engineering academy, teaching full stack JavaScript and software engineering and preparing graduates for mid to senior engineering positions. Students explore Computer Science, full-stack JavaScript (notably React and Node), and software architecture. The course also features preparatory material, extensive recruitment preparation, and ongoing support with students’ job searches.

General Assembly

Los Angeles 12 courses

General Assembly is a global network of campuses offering full-time courses, part-time courses, and multi-hour workshops on tech, design, and business topics. Our 12-week Web Development Immersive program transforms coding novices into employable full-stack web developers. Throughout the entire program we provide rigorous job search support and regularly connect students with industry experiences through enriching field trips and guest speakers. We also offer part-time courses and workshops that teach you how to build beautiful, interactive websites and web apps. We emphasize the most industry-relevant technologies and we intentionally cultivate a supportive, friendly community of learners and educators. We are located in 14 cities worldwide, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and Austin.


Culver City 1 courses

DS12 is the education arm of DataScience, Inc., a Culver City, California-based startup that provides data science as a service and platform. DS12 provides a unique opportunity for students with strong programming and math backgrounds to learn what it takes to work as part of a best-in-class big data team. As part of the program, we’ll help students hone their craft by pairing them with mentors from DataScience and other leading big data companies and startups.

Code District

Torrance & Long Beach 7 courses

Code District’s Full Stack Web Developer, evening training is a 24-week program that will teach you the skills necessary to begin a career as an entry-level web developer. You will receive over 600 hours of professional training!  Keep your day job and learn to code in the evenings. We also offer weekend classes in Javascript, Nodejs and more.


Beverly Hills 1 courses

"Le Wagon LA brings technical skills to these creative people. That's our big mission. For that, we've built a very intensive & selective 9-week program to teach software engineering and web-development to skilled students. We start with coding basics, go through software/DB architecture & frontend development to finish on modern web frameworks (Rails). All the way down, we explain best practices used in startups (collaboration techniques on Github, hosting & continuous deployment, etc...) Above all, we change students' mindset and feed their creativity with technical insights."

Culver City 1 courses

We are the premier, in-person, software-engineering program in Los Angeles, specifically designed for the exceptionally motivated looking to break into the tech industry. We offer a five-year mentorship and training program designed to help you accelerate your career and equip you with the best in class technical skills.