Google Roundup: Artificial Intelligence Tools, Mobile-first Index, Smart Bidding and More!

by Marketing MC
July 6, 2017

Our latest roundup of all the Google updates you need to know about.

1. Get ready for the invasion of Artificial Intelligence

Google recently revealed its 2017 AdWords product roadmap. While a lot of features were presented, the theme that tied them all together: artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Following are a few of the features on the AdWords roadmap:

1. In-market audiences. In-market audiences (previously known as “in-market buyers”) refers to filtering out those who are poking around on the Web with a true intent to buy, from all the others. It’s always just been available for the Display Network and YouTube, but now it’s coming to Search! And wait, it gets better: you’ll be able to go fully custom, but layering in keywords that may signal buyer intent. Google is targeted towards the end of the year for this one.

2. Life event targeting. Machine learning has paved the path to discovering customers’ life events—babies, home buying, getting married and so on. Rather than writing old-school “if-then” statements, Google’s kicked up their AI a notch. They’ve created a lightning-fast processor to support their AI efforts, helping advertisers spot online behavior that may be linked to these big bucket life events.

3. Could AdWords start to predict best ad performance, down to the user level? Perhaps. This may take a boatload of additional ad variations, but the optimization may be worth the upfront effort. Machine learning can help to predict the nuances in the way we search and the things we care about, such as price comparison, reviews, trusted sources, etc.

2. Mobile-first index in 2018

If you’re feeling antsy about Google’s mobile-first index, try to contain yourself because you’re looking at 2018, earliest, to see it live.

Google recently announced it was, “Many quarters away,” from launch. Google is being extra careful in this rollout in particular since they want to avoid hurting non-mobile-friendly websites. And, Google continues to reassure everyone that, yes, desktop content will continue to rank—just that mobile will be soured for first.

3. The latest Ad Experience Report is out.

How can you make your ads even better? And what constitutes an “annoying ad?”

That’s what Google wants to communicate to you, in their Ad Experience report. The report covers examples of popular ad issues—and tells you easy ways to fix them.

google attribution report

Their goal (besides just being helpful): to create more desirable, helpful ad content—you know, the content that people don’t want to block.

4. Ads Reporting gets a boost

In late May, Google rolled out Ads Data Hub, officially in Beta.

It’s a cloud-based measurement solution for YouTube, however, it can help you to understand insights across your entire Google ad portfolio, including Display Network and DoubleClick. Advertisers gain access to nitty gritty data about all media campaigns, across all devices.

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