Gotta start somewhere: 4 early-stage LA startups to look out for

July 17, 2017

Here at Built In LA, we love celebrating the city’s big names in tech. But it’s also fun to give a shout out to entrepreneurs whose companies are just getting off the ground, too. Here are five of the best LA startups on BetaList right now.


If you’ve got a smaller budget or want some more AI mixed in with your business chat, check out Chanty. It’s a competitor to Slack that promises unlimited messaging on its free plan. Its machine learning algorithms generate predictive responses, similar to Gmail’s new mobile response suggestions. Plus, Chanty integrates with tools like IFTTT and MailChimp and supports audio and video calls.


Even if we’re not watching TV on actual TVs anymore, we’re still consuming a lot of video. And while it’s fun to curl up in bed and watch the latest season of Master of None all by one’s lonesome, watching Dev’s adventures unfold practically demands talking to other people about it. Cooler connects you with friends so you can stream at the same time, and it’ll recognize when a friend has seen more of a show than you, helping you avoid spoilers. If you like gifs, you’ll also love Coolers “take” feature, which lets you create a gif from the scene you’re watching, as you watch it.


What would happen if we could check in with our emotions more often? How about if we could see how other people are feeling, too? Emotely is out to create a social network based on taking stock of our emotions and sharing them with our inner and outer circles. It’s a way to know how your friends and family are doing, practice mindfulness with yourself and even develop empathy for strangers.


There’s a reason so many social apps are based on swiping — presenting you with only the option of yes or no makes it easier for you to make a decision. WhatTudu takes the idea and applies it to activities like happy hours and concerts. If you find an event you like, the app will match you with other people who are interested so you don’t have to go alone.


Photos via company websites and Facebook.

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