46 Software Companies in Los Angeles You Should Know

Written by Alyssa Schroer
May 2, 2022Updated: March 10, 2023

These days it seems there's a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company for practically everything. The LA tech scene has its fair share of companies rising to dominance in the space.

We've rounded up 46 software companies in Los Angeles you should keep an eye on.

Top Software Companies in Los Angeles

  • Lever
  • Titan X
  • Surefront
  • Stamps.com
  • Laserfiche
  • Friendbuy
  • Mothership
  • BlackLine
  • SimplePractice
  • ServiceTitan
  • Procore Technologies
  • TeleSign
  • Appetize
  • Criteria Corp.
Da Vinci Software Companies Los Angeles
Da Vinci

What they do: Da Vinci streamlines various supply chain processes with its cloud-based solution, Da Vinci Unified (DVU). Customer and technical support reps also remain accessible throughout each shipment, ensuring businesses make the most of Da Vinci’s advanced software. 

How they’re changing software: With the tools of Da Vinci, companies are able to track inventory and shipments across various warehouses, calculate costs and packaging needs, and scan barcodes remotely. Da Vinci makes it easier to complete basic tasks, so businesses can focus on larger logistics issues.  

Founded: 1998 


Community Software Companies Los Angeles

What they do: Because online interactions have become critical to branding, Community is working to make this a smooth process. The company provides a texting platform that allows customers and companies to connect in an instant through secure, one-on-one conversations. 

How they’re changing software: Community’s platform allows businesses to sort customers into segments and personalize messages with relevant, relatable content. Companies can also collect demographic data through Community’s platform, further tailoring their content to audiences’ preferences. 

Founded: 2019 


Miro Software Companies Los Angeles

What they do: Communicating with distant team members becomes simple with the digital whiteboard technology of Miro. The company offers a communication platform that feels intuitive with countless templates and drag-and-drop features. 

How they’re changing software: Teams can customize each whiteboard to plan meetings, visualize user flows, organize events, and more. Miro also makes it easy to sync with other tools and download files. As a result, remote workers can wield technology to create collaborative experiences that keep teams connected. 

Founded: 2015 


Cloudbeds Software Companies Los Angeles

What they do: Cloudbeds serves hotels, hotel chains, and rental properties with a suite of convenient technologies. Customers can compare rates and make purchases while hospitality organizations can manage their content across multiple channels with just a few clicks.

How they’re changing software: Hospitality groups can streamline their businesses with a more centralized approach. Cloudbeds has designed software where organizations can track their properties, alter ads, gather customer data, and more.

Founded: 2012


Lever software companies in Los Angeles roundup

What they do: Lever provides hiring teams with access to a suite of tools that simplifies the candidate sourcing and hiring process, combining the capabilities and experience of CRM and ATS solutions.

How they’re changing software: The combined, scalable CRM+ATS solution operates as an end-to-end talent acquisition platform, The Lever Talent Suite, which combines sourcing, nurturing, interviewing, hiring, rediscovery and results analysis capabilities into one place with tools like referral gathering, custom dashboards, candidate relationship management, a talent database and more.

Founded: 2012


servicetitan software companies los angeles

What they do: ServiceTitan is a leading management platform for home service businesses. The software helps home service companies like HVAC, plumbers and contractors generate leads, book appointments and take care of their extensive management needs.

How they’re changing software: ServiceTitan is helping a previously underserved market manage their businesses more efficiently.

Founded: 2013


procore software companies los angeles
Procore Technologies

What they do: Procore is the creator of the most widely used construction management platform. The cloud-based program provides construction companies with a streamlined way to build quality projects safely while managing risk and staying on budget in the process.

How they’re changing software: Procore has more than 700 employees worldwide and two million users managing billions of dollars in construction projects.

Founded: 2003


chownow software companies los angeles

What they do: ChowNow is a restaurant ordering platform dedicated to helping small restaurants grow sustainably. The platform offers commission-free ways to personalize ordering with different website widgets, mobile apps and contactless dining options to help a restaurant receive orders and grow their customer base.

How they’re changing software: ChowNow has rolled out an additional feature to help restaurants grow by making them discoverable on everything from Instagram to good search results pages and even Yelp.

Founded: 2010


anduril software companies los angeles

What they do: Anduril is a defense technology company using AI-enabled software to meet some of the most pressing national security challenges. The company’s lattice software uses AI and machine learning to capture real-time operating data. 

How they’re changing software: The US Air Force and UK Royal Navy have used Anduril’s software, as well as their UAV and ground satellite, to combat the threat of terrorism.

Founded: 2017


patientpop software companies los angeles

What they do: PatientPop provides a marketing-focused platform that helps medical professionals grow their practices.

How they’re changing software: More than 70 percent of Americans search for new doctors online, and PatientPop is the first platform that helps healthcare professionals be more visible in these searches.

Founded: 2014


convoso software companies los angeles

What they do: Convoso creates automated call center software to automate lead follow-up, boost contact rates and increase ROI. The omnichannel software features voice, SMS, email, voicemail and even virtual agents that all help customer service professionals with lead automation, real-time reporting and sales prediction.

How they’re changing software: Convoso’s customizable dashboards help companies to keep track of their own personal KPIs, while viewing pertinent campaign metrics in real-time.

Founded: 2006


blackline software companies los angeles

What they do: BlackLine offers scalable cloud-based accounting solutions that automate the entire financial close process. The BlackLine Continuous Accounting Platform is built specifically for the finance process, and includes features that help with everything from reconciliation to exception research and transaction analysis. 

How they’re changing software: BlackLine’s financial software is trusted by more than 3,000 major companies globally, including Coca-Cola, eBay, Hershey, Hyatt, AAA and Discovery. 

Founded: 2001


goguardian software companies los angeles

What they do: GoGuardian is the creator of classroom management software that keeps students safe when accessing the internet.

How they’re changing software: GoGuardian has partnered with Google and Dell and its software gives teachers more control over the technology their students are using, ensuring it is used appropriately and free of distractions.

Founded: 2014


snap software companies los angeles
Snap, Inc.

What they do: Snap’s software is reinventing how people create and express themselves. The company is the creator of one of the most popular social media platforms of all-time, Snapchat, as well as, the glasses that can help film and capture the world, Spectacles. With Snap, users are able to send photos and videos to their friends all over the world. 

How they’re changing software: Snapchat remains a formidable social media platform for users, as well as ad platform for companies, with more that 360 million active monthly users.

Founded: 2011


mothership software companies los angeles

What they do: Mothership’s software is powering the logistics industry to be more efficient and timely. The company’s platform connects freight with the nearest trucks and calculates the most efficient route possible. It also features real-time tracking and instant billing and proof of delivery, so customers can always stay in-the-know.

How they’re changing software: Mothership claims that their software is responsible for a 99% on-time delivery rate and damage claims that are 6x better than industry standard.

Founded: 2017


nuorder ecommerce companiy los angeles

What they do: NuORDER is an e-commerce software platform that helps B2B companies increase their sales and optimize their business operations.  

How they’re changing software: NuORDER has digitized browsing catalogs and products for more than 600 brands and 100,000 retailers, largely simplifying the B2B buying process.

Founded: 2011


floqast software companies los angeles

What they do: Floqast makes software for accountants, providing a fast and accurate way to manage and close their books.

How they’re changing software: The only service focusing on the mid-market, Floqast has won the business of prominent companies and organizations like Zillow, GrubHub and the Golden State Warriors.

Founded: 2013


weedmaps software company los angeles

What they do: Irvine-based Weedmaps is the largest US tech company focused on servicing the legal marijuana industry.

How they’re changing software: Weedmaps provides backend services for doctors, dispensaries and deliveries in order to boost their online presence and revenues. In addition to software help, the company offers consumers educational resources and curates deals from nearby dispensaries.

Founded: 2008


telesign software companies los angeles

What they do: TeleSign makes security software that works to prevent online fraud, keeping companies and their information safe.

How they’re changing software: Since its founding, TeleSign has helped secure more than three billion customer accounts worldwide. 

Founded: 2005


simplepractice software company los angeles

What they do: Psychologists, Therapists and Social Workers all rely on SimplePractice to grow their businesses, manage their workloads and interact with customers. From accessing notes to submitting payment requests, SimplePractice provides a useful tool for all health professionals.   

How they’re changing software: Health and wellness professionals trust SimplePractice’s encompassing management software with their growing needs.  

Founded: 2012


laserfiche software companies los angeles

What they do: Laserfiche provides solutions for a variety of content management needs and is trusted by more than 35,000 organizations around the world.

How they’re changing software: Laserfiche has been a trusted software service for almost three decades, providing a variety of solutions, including enterprise content, records and document management.

Founded: 1987


criteria corp software company los angeles
criteria corp

What they do: Criteria Corp is a West Hollywood-based software company that helps clients hire better quality candidates with pre-employment skill, aptitude and personality tests.    

How they’re changing software: Criteria Corp serves industries from transportation to government in order to provide its clients with an efficient human resources experience.

Founded: 2006


fastspring software companies los angeles

What they do: FastSpring is an e-commerce platform for companies selling content, software or apps online. The platform enables easy management of subscriptions, payments, storefronts and back offices.

How they're changing software: Thousands of companies trust FastSpring, including such big names as Adobe, Microsoft and Connectify.

Founded: 2005


momentfeed software companies los angeles

What they do: MomentFeed is a digital marketing software platform that offers solutions for paid media, search, social media and customer experience.

How they're changing software: The company helps brands leverage their digital identities to engage with consumers in a more authentic and relevant way.

Founded: 2010


Titan X software companies in Los Angeles roundup
Titan X

What they do: Titan X is revolutionizing chatbot technology to rely less on fixed dialogue flows, buttons and keyword detection, allowing users to have better experiences across industries. 

How they’re changing software: The company’s chatbot software is built to keep the conversation focused on meeting the user’s needs rather than avoiding the problem at hand and utilizes contextual understanding and a UX designed to emulate text messaging to provide better experiences. TitanX’s chatbot software is currently available for the real estate industry with rollouts for healthcare, airline management and banking/credit unions coming soon.

Founded: 2019


appetize software company los angeles

What they do: Appetize develops payment and point-of-sale systems for everything from live sports and music venues to educational businesses. The Playa Vista-based company helps these industries scale their customer transactions to maximize efficiency.

How they’re changing software: Clients like the New York Yankees, Goldman Sachs and Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival all rely on Appetize’s technology to properly scale and analyze sales data.

Founded: 2011


redgate software companies los angeles
Redgate Software

What they do: Redgate creates tools and products for the Microsoft data platform, enabling teams to improve productivity, implement DevOps best practices and monitor database performance.

How they’re changing software: Redgate is used by over 90% of Fortune 100 companies and many industry leaders like FedEx, Amazon, Verizon and Coca-Cola.

Founded: 1999


Surefront software companies in Los Angeles roundup

What they do: Surefront is a product journey management platform that allows stakeholders at every step of the game to collaborate and make faster decisions.

How they’re changing software: The platform features tools for showcasing products, managing reviews, negotiating quotes, finalizing orders and much more, creating unparalleled communication between retailers and suppliers and boosting sales productivity.

Founded: 2015


Rapid7 Software Companies in Los Angeles Roundup

What they do: Rapid7 helps organizations secure digital operations across their entire enterprise. Its platform features solutions for application security, cloud security, automation, detection and vulnerability management, allowing companies to get ahead of their digital security before they have to react.

How they’re changing software: Rapid7’s range of software products allow organizations to tackle specific security concerns while protecting their whole enterprise.

Founded: 2000


Stamps.com software companies in Los Angeles roundup

What they do: Stamps.com is an internet-based postage company that provides customers with the option to buy shipping or postage materials online and print shipping labels at home.

How they’re changing software: Stamps.com replaces the need to travel to the post office by giving individuals and businesses the ability to take care of their shipping needs from their home home. With Stamps.com, enterprise clients can optimize product sales and shipments while saving on extraneous costs.

Founded: 1996


friendbuy software companies los angeles

What they do: Friendbuy is a customer referral platform where marketers can create campaigns and track results to drive customer acquisition.  

How they’re changing software: Their software is used by companies of all sizes and stages of development, if you’ve ever referred a friend through Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, NatureBox or Birchbox, you’ve probably already used Friendbuy.

Founded: 2010


TaskUs software company los angeles

What they do: Growing businesses need to focus on expanding and innovating their product. That’s why so many companies trust TaskUs with outsourcing their customer service needs.  From SMS text to social media, TaskUs employs customer service professionals to address all their client’s customer support issues across a multitude of platforms.       

How they’re changing software: TaskUs handles all things customer service for a client, including sales, billing and technical support. Their omnichannel flexibility allows for customer’s issues to be addressed correctly and efficiently.     

Founded: 2008


shippabo software company los angeles

What they do: Shippabo is a cloud-based management platform for supply chains, enabling businesses to oversee shipments from end to end.

How they’re changing software: Shippabo created their platform based on their own experiences, wanting to make shipping faster, more transparent and affordable.

Founded: 2015


gem software companies los angeles

What they do: Gem is a software platform that uses blockchain technology enabling companies to participate in cross-industry data sharing networks.

How they're changing software: The Gem platform simplifies data sharing and provides a tamperproof, secure space for data transactions.

Founded: 2013


enplug software companies los angeles

What they do: Enplug creates digital display software enabling businesses to manage their content across any TV or display.

How they’re changing software: More than 350 companies across a variety of industries use Enplug’s software, including Toyota, HP, Holiday Inn, WeWork and the University of Southern California.

Founded: 2012


nationbuilder software companies los angeles

What they do: NationBuilder describes itself as “software for leaders.” The platform helps customers manage their website, fundraising, events and a variety of other tasks all in one place.

How they’re changing software: NationBuilder is used by an array of organizations and companies such as Airbnb, Amnesty International, the Humane Society of the U.S. and the United Nations.

Founded: 2009


cargomatic software companies los angeles

What they do: Cargomatic's transportation software helps drivers grow their business and shippers track their freight in real time.

How they’re changing software: Since their launch in 2013, Cargomatic has been part of tens of thousands of deliveries across southern California and New York City.

Founded: 2013


bambee software company los angeles

What they do: Bambee allows small businesses to hire HR managers for $99 a month.

How they’re changing software: Bambee’s software lets SMBs hire dedicated HR managers who can look over policy, craft updated HR handbooks and even interact with employees on confidential matters. The company’s software allows for direct communication between a small business and the HR manager, as well as, a platform that houses all HR rules in one place.

Founded: 2016


science37 software company los angeles
Science 37

What they do: Science 37 focuses on the development of patient-centric networks for clinical research and biomedical discovery.

How they’re changing software: By bringing together patients, doctors, researchers and inventors, Science 37 accelerates clinical trial research and leads to an overall quicker breakthrough in the biomedical industry.

Founded: 2014


sendgrid software companies los angeles

What they do: SendGrid is an email marketing platform that enhances engagement and drives growth.

How they’re changing software: The cloud-based software is responsible for sending billions of emails and has an impressive group of users, including Spotify, Airbnb, Hubspot and Pandora.

Founded: 2009


cornerstone ondemand software companies los angeles
Cornerstone OnDemand

What they do: Cornerstone has created software that helps companies and organizations recruit, train and manage their employees.

How they're changing software: Cornerstone’s solutions are used by more than 29.9 million people in 192 countries and 42 different languages.

Founded: 1999


gobbler software companies los angeles

What they do: Gobbler is a marketplace where users can access creative tools. Through its platform, publishers can sell subscriptions to plugin instruments and effects, enabling creatives to use them whenever and wherever.

How they're changing software: Gobbler makes it easier to access creative and collaborative tools and has the backing of heavy hitters like, Elton John, John Legend and Ryan Tedder.

Founded: 2010


nanthealth software companies los angeles

What they do: NantHealth is a clinical platform that produces solutions to advance diagnostics, improving the ability to target disease characteristics and enhancing the delivery of clinical data.

How they're changing software: Nanthealth is creating new solutions for healthcare, working to create a healthier generation.

Founded: 2007


oblong industries software companies los angeles
Oblong Industries

What they do: Oblong Industries creates new user interfaces to control multi-display data and apps.

How they’re changing software: Often recognized by the computer interface concepts used in the film Minority Report, Oblong’s work is now being translated and used in the commercial space, changing the way organizations and companies collaborate on displays.

Founded: 2006


thinknear software companies los angeles

What they do: Thinknear combines location data and mobile advertising to deliver campaigns for brands, agencies and consumers.

How they're changing software: The company's platform uses location data to understand consumers, craft more relevant ad experiences and improve the way brands engage with their audiences overall.

Founded: 2011


invitemanager software companies los angeles

What they do: InviteManager's platform helps companies manage their corporate tickets and events. The software eliminates any confusion for companies of all sizes when organizing and expensing corporate meals and tickets.

How they’re changing software: Companies spend more than $600 billion taking clients to dinners, events, etc., and InviteManager simplifies the process by consolidating everything into one cloud-based space.

Founded: 2007


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