CoreTech's new ideation challenge pays you $20,000 to save the world

by Patrick Hechinger
December 1, 2015
If winning money for trying to save the world sounds like a pipe dream, then prepare to have your philanthropic socks knocked off. 
, a tech-focused public benefit corporation, recently partnered with HeroX to launch a $20,000 ideation challenge aptly named “Apps for Humanity.” 
The CoreTech foundation began accepting applications on October 29 and the winner of the $20,000 cash prize will be announced early 2016. 
The challenge calls for a well-thought out, innovative idea that utilizes CoreTech’s toolkit to tackle an issue facing the world. Built with nonprofits in mind, CoreTech’s CORE software helps under-funded companies with cloud scalability, security, personal identity, micro-transactions and more. 
“The core assertion was that nonprofits are fundamentally underserved by technology,” CEO and president Clark Hogan said. “We understand the problems they face and if their problem is reasonably defined by software — which is almost anything these days — we can apply this tool set and rapidly adopt and build a solution for them which brings them into the 21st century in terms of performance, price, scale, etc.”
CoreTech's track record includes a virtual reality experience for the handicapped, a management system for a camp that hosts medically disabled children, and a system to leverage micro-transactions in the blockchain in order to provide accessible drinking water in third world countries.
The best part of the challenge, according to Hogan, is the freedom participants have in what they want to create.
“Choose what you’re passionate about. What bugs you? What are you fascinated by? And how would you leverage a powerful computing resource to essentially effectuate that.” 
If you are interested in participating you can learn more and enter to win here
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