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Jag STAR IT Consulting,llc
Solutions Design Manager and Owner |
Qiana Patterson
Principal/Founder | QP Advisors
Maria Katris
CEO | Built In
Mari Kochan
Founder & CEO | cinecrire, pitchgerm
Alina Shahnazari
Co-founder, Software Development Lead | Agile Clouders, Inc.
Bobby Rivera
UI/UX Designer, Founder at StartupSocial, Alumni at StartEngine Accelerator ▲ | StartupSocial
Phoebe B. Scott
Founder and CEO | Laudville
Marina Lee
Speaker, Advisory Board (Techmanity Partners: Fast Compnay, LIVE Nation and IDG) and Book: Women Change The World | Women In Tech Network
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Sabio LA
We are fond of saying it hear at Sabio:You may think it's just a tag line but it's not. It's a matter of fact. I present my case in the context of a start up founder.
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Sabio LA
Sabio Fellows Win Best Health & Fitness App at Their First Hackathon
VIEWS: 1,008
Sabio LA
I cannot name any other group of topics that have the potential to get people into heated debates like Religion, Politics and Code. Even though I have been in technology for over 10 years, I am still surprised at the fervor that many bring to a technology stack debate. It’s as if our stack of...
TAGS: learntocode
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Sabio LA
I am writing this to highlight something that I do not want getting lost for any of you that attended the #HackForLA event this past weekend.
VIEWS: 880
Sabio LA
I have issue with the idea that open dissent is something that we should encourage. More accurately, I just don’t like the word dissent. I like the concept, but not this representation. The concept, I feel, is dead right. If you are not familiar with open dissent I have included a couple of links...
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