Maria Katris

Maria Katris

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I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, wine enthusiast, community builder and advocate for digital technology companies. I am honest (to a fault), sincere, have an incredibly strong work ethic and execute like a mad person. If I am not doing 10 things at once I am not productive.

I'm up for

Discussing growth ideas
Feedback on my startup
General networking
Meeting other founders


Data visualization
Founding startups
Social entrepren.
Social media/PR
User experience
Women in tech


Sales 7+ years


2011 - current

Other web profiles


sophia stuart
writer + digital strategist | Hearst
Veeral Sheth
Matthew Sudo
Marketing Executive | Unifreight logistics
Nathalie De Ceglie
Pawel Sasik
Director of Operations and Business Development | Valarm LLC
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EVP, Operations | Digirettes
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Shermineh Rohanizadeh
Public Relations | Weapons of Mouse Destruction
Yuri Shkoda
CTO, Co-founder | UsabilityProvider
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recent blog posts

Maria Katris
I have always carried my American identity with pride. As a daughter of immigrants, I found President Trump’s executive order suspending U.S. entry for people from certain countries uniquely unsettling. When my parents emigrated from Greece, they did not have money, they didn't speak...
VIEWS: 656
Maria Katris
It was less than two years ago that the five co-founders of social billboard display Enplug moved to LA and started the business (while sharing a one-bedroom house, not to mention). They got Enplug off the ground by approaching brick and mortar businesses individually, showing them the digital...
VIEWS: 1,223
Maria Katris
Our phones are now remote controls, thanks to innovative digital companies like these six local companies...  Wash.ioWhen you tap it, you get: Drycleaning and laundry delivered to your door within 24 hours.
VIEWS: 710

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