Klickly - "Smart" Streamlined Payments: Brands spend billions of dollars on display ads each year, attempting to push consumers through their sales funnel. However, interrupting a consumer to ask them to navigate to a new page, type in multiple fields, and complete a checkout rarely leads to actual sales, resulting in click-through and conversions rates of ~0.06%. Klickly streamlines the consumer ask by killing the sales funnel. Consumers no longer have to navigate away from their content, share their personal information with a new site, or waste time clicking through a complex shopping cart experience. With Klickly, they are able to purchase directly within the ad, without leaving the page, on desktop and mobile. We work with brands, charitable organizations, influencers and political campaigns to dramatically increase engagement and drive actual sales from advertising spend: - 10X industry standard click-through rates - 30% conversion rates (1 in 3 people place a product in their cart!) - Fully integrated with some of the world's largest DSPs and SSPs - Endorsement from top advertising and publisher execs - "The Holy Grail of advertising" -- Alex Boyce, former CSO, Woven Digital - "You've created something incredibly valuable for CPG companies" -- Dave Perry, Adobe (former Google, Amazon, AdRoll) We believe in unlocking the full potential of advertising. If you're a brand, media agency, or publisher with a direct sales division, we look forward to starting a conversation.


Website: klickly.com
Founded: 2015
Local Employees: 6
Location: Santa Monica
Type: Technology Company
Industries: AdTech, Payments

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